New from the PDC@FPG

Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management (TCM) Program
This program is ideally suited for experienced professionals who have knowledge of child development and behavior management, as well as experience facilitating groups of adults and teaching young children. Agency directors and supervisors benefit from learning how best to support their teacher trainers and facilitate implementation of this program... more

Making Connections: Fostering Friendships for Children with and without Disabilities
The best thing that a child can gain from your program is a quality friendship. Many times, children with disabilities struggle with initiating and maintaining friendships. In this workshop, participants will learn how to help all youth develop their friendship skills by practicing activities to remove the barriers to friendships and applying a social mapping tool to examine friendship interactions.... more

Learning Through Adventure
During this mobile, interactive workshop we will discuss the importance of adventure for both children and staff. We will explore how to use traditional and non-traditional spaces to create adventure and learning for children and adults with different needs. We also will explore the meaning of “Adventure” and how it can fit it into the culture of a classroom, a teacher, and the child... more

Self-Paced, CEU-Granting CONNECT Courses on Inclusion
With the recent release of the draft federal policy statement promoting more inclusion in early childhood education, understanding evidence-based practices that support inclusion has never been more important--and now FPG is launching a free introductory online course on inclusion, along with 7 low-cost online courses for CEUs...    more

AFIRM Online Modules: Evidenced-Based Practices
for People Birth to Age 22 with ASD

Each AFIRM module focuses on an EBP for learners with autism and includes: engaging case examples that demonstrate the behavior or practice in use,multimedia presentation of content with audio and video clips, and interactive assessments that provide you with feedback based on your responses...   more