Student Motivation and Engagement: Using Research to Inform Practice

Improve classroom management, increase student engagement--and decrease teacher stress.

Presenter: Adam Holland, research scientist with FPG's FirstSchool

Target audience: Pre-K and elementary teachers, principals, and state and district administrators. Individuals and teams from schools and districts are welcome. 

Date: TBA

Current approaches to classroom management often rely on antiquated ideas, but through this workshop, teachers and administrators will learn modern, research-based strategies for promoting students’ motivation and engagement in the context of classroom management.

The first part of this workshop focuses on problems with how old ideas still play out in classrooms today (e.g., through sticker charts or card charts). Dr. Holland discusses a modern understanding of motivation called “self-determination theory.” He explores some of its practical applications—especially for classroom management, through improving student engagement and decreasing teacher stress.

The second part of the workshop addresses such topics as tattling, bathroom time, group time, aligning with PBIS, and persistent misbehavior. Participants have time and opportunities to raise and discuss issues.

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About the facilitator: Adam Holland, a research scientist with the FirstSchool PreK-3 initiative at UNC’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, has taught first grade, kindergarten, pre-k, and 3-year-olds with special needs. He has presented on children's motivation and engagement across the US and internationally.

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