New from the PDC@FPG

FPG Launches the "Advances for Autism Challenge" on Behalf of Children and Youth with ASD
Over the next 30 days, FPG is leading a new campaign to change the futures of tens of thousands of children with autism.

The Family Implemented TEACCH for Toddlers Online Instruction
FPG's Family Implemented TEACCH for Toddlers (FITT) is a collaborative parent education and support model designed to help families better understand and engage with their toddler with autism spectrum disorder. Based on and adapted from the TEACCH model, FITT facilitates toddlers' receptive and expressive communication, social communication, and play skills.This new award-winning FITT module teaches the FITT process and FITT strategies through simulated home visits and interactive activities... more

The Partnerships for Inclusion Webinars
This new series from the National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning discusses how to facilitate high-quality inclusion, how it benefits children with and without disabilities, how non-inclusive environments can impact learning negatively, and much more. Each webinar focuses on an essential feature of high-quality inclusion: access, participation, and support... more

Dual Language Learners:
Strategies for Successful Opportunities in ECE

This free online instructional module provides an overview of the cognitive, social-emotional, and language development of dual-language learners, as well as examples of how early childhood professionals can support children. Through the content, videos, and reflection assignments, professionals will begin to identify ways to support dual-language learners in their own care settings... more

Self-Paced, CEU-Granting CONNECT Courses on Inclusion
With the recent release of the draft federal policy statement promoting more inclusion in early childhood education, understanding evidence-based practices that support inclusion has never been more important--and now FPG is launching a free introductory online course on inclusion, along with 7 low-cost online courses for CEUs...    more

AFIRM Online Modules: Evidenced-Based Practices
for People Birth to Age 22 with ASD

Each AFIRM module focuses on an EBP for learners with autism and includes: engaging case examples that demonstrate the behavior or practice in use,multimedia presentation of content with audio and video clips, and interactive assessments that provide you with feedback based on your responses...   more

Student Motivation and Engagement: Using Research to Inform Practice
Improve classroom management, increase student engagement, and decrease teacher stress. Current approaches to classroom management often rely on antiquated ideas, but through this workshop, teachers and administrators will learn modern, research-based strategies for promoting students’ motivation in the context of classroom management... more