http://photos.fpg.unc.edu/upload/2013/02/11/20130211155949-473cf502.jpgFPG’s Professional Development Center meets the current and future needs of administrators, faculty, researchers, evaluators, specialists, researchers, teachers, and professional development providers. Here, people and organizations find opportunities to expand capacity, knowledge, and skills in areas related to child development and learning.

Evidence-based practices, research and evaluation methodologies, and systems building and change are among the subject areas. Designed with the same rigor that FPG brings to its research and outreach, the PDC’s options include: Institutes and Intensive Workshops, Online Learning, Technical Assistance Services, and Study Visits.

These options range from those that meet basic information needs to those that result in changes to systems, programs and practices. The PDC might best meet some professional development needs through a combination of options. FPG provides consultation to assist you in making a match between our services and your needs.