TA Services on the CROSSWALKS Model: Outreach to Infuse Diversity in Preservice Education

CROSSWALKS is an evidence-based model for supporting preservice programs in increasing the ways in which they are reflective of and responsive to specific constructs in early childhood (EC), early intervention (EI), and/or early childhood special education (ECSE).  The model specifically focuses on an increased emphasis on cultural, linguistic, and ability diversity and alignment with state and national standards in EI/EC/ECSE in coursework, practica, and overall program practices.  The developers of the CROSSWALKS model are able to provide services which include the following:

  • Program Assessment – individually designed process for assessing key components of a higher education program (e.g., review of program syllabi) or system (e.g., review of statewide early childhood preservice program offerings).
  • Program Enhancement – individually designed approach that targets enhancements to coursework, field experiences, and program practices that respond to shared priorities for change (e.g., emphasis on inclusion, integration of early learning standards).
  • Program Evaluation - individually designed evaluation resources to assist faculty members and administrators to conduct formative and summative evaluation for continuous improvement.
  • Master Classes – individually designed professional development events that actively engage faculty members in discovering new instructional resources and instructional methodologies tailored to making desired changes in the courses they teach.

Costs for each service to be negotiated based on the needs of the client.

TA providers:   Camille Catlett and the CROSSWALKS development team (Susan Maude –Iowa State University, Susan Moore – University of Colorado, Boulder, and Eva Thorp – George Mason University)

Target audiences:

  • Colleges and university programs or departments preparing personnel to work with young children and families
  • State agencies, systems, or projects with interest in higher education

Contact Information:  Camille Catlett (919.966.6635; camille.catlett@unc.edu)